Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's the Day

Today is a big day in our country as we vote to elect our president. The race is pretty much neck and neck as both candidates turn into the straightaway and we hold our collective breath to see what tomorrow will bring. Democrat or Republican. Obama or Romney. Blue or red.

The weather's not cooperating in much of the northeast today. It's even chilly and gray in Florida this morning as people flock (I hope) to the polls to vote. I voted early, as soon as the polls opened over a week ago, hoping to avoid the crowds. It took me just over an hour and  to get in and out I considered myself lucky.

Regardless of who is elected, the road ahead is going to be bumpy and curvy and full of cracks and pot holes. We're going through a tough time, all of us, and we are dreaming if we believe that all of our problems can be fixed in one day or in four years or by one man acting alone. It will take not a village but a country pulling together and working together, side by side, to make our lives better. It's always been this way in America, people working together through economic peaks and valleys, through good times and bad.

We are all about freedom and choice and fair and equal rights for everyone. Today is the day to exercise your privilege. So, if you haven't already, GO VOTE!

My wish for the days ahead? As Willie Nelson says, "Nothin' but blue skies from now on."

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